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Ana Carla Maza

Ana Carla Maza

Ana Carla Maza

Ana Carla Maza is a citizen of the world, but music is her country. The young Cuban cello player is as warmhearted as her music or the smile which constantly lights up fer face. Her cello is her stage companion: with its melody and rhythm, it enhances her voice and the singing can reach its full expression.

« Seeing Ana Carla Maza was discovering an artist who is bound to become one of the greats in the years to come.»


Under thé guidante of Vincent Ségal, with whom she regularly appears on stage, as at « Jazz à Porquerolles » on July 14th 2014 –concert available on – or at the AmphiOpera in Lyon in 2012, Ana Carla Maza has also a personal career. She sometimes plays with her father, or with her whole family. She also performs on her own, playing her cello and singing. She already impresses her audience by her ability to mix virtuosity and melodic richness.

She started as a ten-year old girl at the Festival Jazz Plaza in Havana with her father (they made four records together), and she appeared in a lot of Jazz festivals all around Europe (Italy, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Rumania, France, Austria), and more specially at the Konzerthaus in Vienna in 2014, Jazz in Porquerolles in 2013 and the Sibiu Jazz Festival in 2014.

Ana Carla has collaborated with artists like Louis Sclavis, Jean-Louis Aubert, Bastien Lallemant, Seb Martel, Yo-Yo Ma, Manuel Tejada or Rido Bayonne.



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