Carlos Maza

Carlos Maza

Carlos Maza

Origin : Chile/Cuba

Carlos Maza, a Chilean trouble-maker living in Cuba, spent the last ten years dynamiting jazz and latino music mixtures, proudly following in Egberto Gismonti's and Hermeto Pascoal's footsteps. The discovery of a composer-interpret, a multi-instrumentalist, whose musical universe perfectly conveys Latin-American madness.

An incredible musical universe with afro-latino american rhytms mixed with Jazz.


"To be revolutionary in music means not to repeat oneself. Permanent criticism is the law of evolution. The law of revolution is to constantly change while building and not destroying." With these words, Carlos Maza wrote the best description of his own career.
Since 1991, he has signed around 14 records testifying to his constancy within an immanent disruption. Whether producing himself or working for independent labels or majors, on piano solo, Brazilian trio or playing with the Cuban young guard, Carlos Maza multiplies formulas while always keeping the basis of his peculiarity: the desire to change the world with his own strength thanks to the grace of his diversified, highly "rhizomic" aesthetics.
However, this young man does not want to forget where he comes from, wants to know where he is going and knows how far he has gone. For him, September 11th remains linked to the year 1973, as Pinochet overthrew democracy in Chile. He was born a few months later. His father was already in jail; his mother soon in exile.



 Carlos Maza solo "Préludes Mapuches"
Dim lights

Carlos Maza & Familia
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Carlos Maza solo
Carlos Maza / piano

Carlos Maza - Ana Carla Maza
Carlos Maza / piano,flute, Ana Maza / cello-vocal

Carlos Maza & Familia
Carlos Maza / piano,flute, Ana Maza / cello-vocal, Mirza Sierra / bass, Xavi Masjoan / drums & percusions



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