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Fidel Fourneyron

Fidel Fourneyron

Origine : France

A goldsmith in matters of orchestration, and an instrumentalist with a passion for the drama to be found in music, Fidel Fourneyron has gradually developed a singular style that is immediately recognizable, and which moves in a determinedly post-jazz universe that remains open to today's music forms. After the success of both his albums by the trio Un Poco Loco, Fidel presents now his new trio and new album Animal and his Pan-African Jazz project Bengue.

Bengue is a slang word in West Africa to refer to Europe. Fidel Fourneyron creates a Pan-African Jazz concert on texts by authors from Pan-African literature which explores the question of the Diaspora. Bengue carries different stories and gives voice to rich languages. The basis of the septet rests on the percussions and the beautiful twinning of the balafons of the Hié sisters and the marimba of Vassilena Serafimova.

For this creation Fidel Fourneyron, commissioned texts from young authors (Penda Diouf, James Noël, Blick Bassy ...) in which resonates the history and issues of the diaspora.

In this songbook carried by singer Emma Lamadji, each song, in French, Bassa, Sango, Wolof, Creole, Noushi, Lingala ... makes the viewer discover a different light, a particular story. The inventiveness and finesse of Fidel's orchestral writing weave invisible links between these texts to make hear a real polyphony of Afropéanité, echoing the richness of the orchestra's timbres where voices, balafons, marimba mingle. , percussion, violin, double bass and trombone.


- Bengue - new project in 2021
- Animal trio
- Un Poco Loco trio


Born August 6th 1982 in Albi, France.

Fidel Fourneyron joined the Jazz and Improvised Music Department of the CNSM in Paris in 2005 and graduated in June 2010. An unarguable virtuoso of both his instruments, he has collaborated with many musicians since his graduation, notably becoming one of the stalwarts of the very dynamic young Parisian collective Coax while at the same time participating in: the Radiation 10 group (alongside Hugues Mayot), a hybrid mini-big-band exploring the fertile border zones between modern jazz, rock, and contemporary and improvised music; the Jukebox quintet, revisiting a popular-song repertoire through the prism of bold sound-experimentation; and also the Franco-British septet Tweedle-Dee, whose demanding and expressionistic music celebrates the encounter between Coax and the London-based collective known as Loop.

Fidel Fourneyron is attracted equally by improvised music (he belongs to ONCEIM, the "National Orchestra for Creation, Experimentation and Musical Improvisation") and the contemporary scene (cf. his research with the Umlaut collective and the Hodos ensemble playing the music of Philip Corner). A great lover of swing-bands, he is also first trombone and soloist with the Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra, and a member of the Umlaut Big Band specializing in Twenties' and Thirties' dance-music. He is found also in the Eve Risser's White Desert Orchestra and Tribute to Lucienne Boyer by Tricollectif.

Noticed by some of the greatest names in contemporary jazz, among them Marc Ducret (he has played with Ducret's sextet Real Thing #3), the trombonist has also been a sideman over the past few years with Tim Berne, Dominique Pifarély, Claude Barthélemy, Daniel Yvinec, Vincent Artaud or again Magik Malik or with the french quintet Papanosh for a tribute to Charles Mingus.

In parallel, Fidel Fourneyron has revisited with his trio Un Poco Loco (Sébastien Beliah on bass and Geoffrey Gesser on saxophones) 1950s jazz standards. The group released its first album on Umlaut Records in November 2014 and is selected for the French program Jazz Migration 2015-2016. The trombonist also performs solo, a work recorded on "High Fidelity" released in fall 2015.

Fidel Fourneyron is regularly invited to perform as soloist (European Youth Jazz Orchestra, MGH Orkestar) or for master class (Conservatories of Poitiers, Tarbes, Blois, Angoulême, Tribu Festival in Dijon ...); and he leads since September 2014 the Carreau du Temple's brass band in Paris, a local amateur orchestra of 40 musicians for which he wrote an original repertoire.

His newest projects are Animal, a new trio with Joachim Florent (ac,bass) and Sylvain Darrifourcq (drums) and an amazing project «¿ Que Vola ? » collecting the best talents of the young french generation of jazz musicians with 3 afro cuban percusionnists. When « Jazz meets Rumba ».




Animal trio

Un Poco Loco trio

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