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Paolo Fresu - Omar Sosa

Paolo Fresu - Omar Sosa

Paolo Fresu - Omar Sosa

Origine : Italy / Cuba

For many, Paolo Fresu and Omar Sosa help change the way one listens to music. The new duo disc "Eros" (Tǔk Music, Ducale distribution) brings you beyond listening, and into the realm of heart and soul and empathy. This follows the success of their debut CD, "Alma" in 2012, and four years of international touring. Now one of the most beloved groups in Europe, these two unique and distinctive musical voices combine traditional and progressive musical elements from Italy and Cuba. Both are master musicians with illustrious careers, bent on expanding musical boundaries and exploring new cultures.

"Eros" is further proof of their artistic maturity. It is a deep and consistent work, dedicated to the many facets and mysteries of love. Fresu and Sosa have composed a suite of new songs inspired by the human emotions which lead beauty into the divine. The project is enriched by cello contributions from Brazilian master Jaques Morelenbaum (who was also a guest on "ALMA"), from the enchanting Maghreb singer Natacha Atlas (who creates a luminous Arab version of "Teardop" by Massive Attack), and from the Italian string quartet Alborada (which has graced many projects in the Fresu discography).

Like "ALMA", "EROS" delves deeply into the energy, poetry, and spirituality of the Duo's special musical chemistry. We find Fresu and Sosa dancing in a Latin mode around a winning mix of jazz, Cuban, African, and world music elements. The CD takes a polyphonic approach, the Duo curating sonic landscapes with great care and sensitivity – as we also find in their bright and extraordinary live performances.



Winner of a wide array of awards, professor, and director of various Italian and international institutions, Paolo Fresu has performed around the world with the most important names of Afro-American music over the past 30 years. He has participated in nearly 300 recordings, some as a leader, others as a sideman, and still other projects mixing ethnic, jazz, world music, contemporary, and ancient musics. Mr. Fresu is artistic director of the Berchidda Festival Time In Jazz, Bergamo Jazz, and the Jazz Seminars in Nuoro

(Sardinia). He is also involved in the production of numerous multimedia projects, cooperating with actors, dancers, painters, sculptors, and poets, as well as writing music for film, documentary, video, ballet, and theater pieces. Mr. Fresu lives between Paris, Bologna and Sardinia. His unique trumpet sound is recognized as one of the most distinctive in the contemporary jazz scene.


Three-time GRAMMY-nominated Cuban composer and pianist Omar Sosa's musical trajectory has taken him from Camagüey and Havana to touring in Angola, the Congo, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua in the 1980s; to a sojourn in the African-descent communities of Ecuador in the early 1990s; to an extended presence on the San Francisco Bay Area Latin jazz scene; to his current engagement with artists from Spain, France, Brazil, Cuba, the United States, and several North, West, and East African nations. His career embodies the expansive outlook of a visionary artist who has taken Monk's uncompromising spirit to heart, while working ceaselessly to craft and project a unique, cosmopolitan voice. Mr. Sosa's current CD release, ILE, offers contemporary interpretations of some of the classic Cuban musical styles the world has come to admire. It features flamenco vocals on several tracks.



Paolo Fresu - Omar Sosa
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