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Ray Lema Transcendance

Ray Lema Transcendance

Ray Lema Transcendance

Line-up : Ray Lema - piano, fender rhodes, vocal Michel Alibo - bass Irving Acao - sax Sylvain Gontard - trumpet Nicolas Vicarro - drums Rodrigo Viana - guitar

At 72 years of age, Ray Lema has put his signature to what is hands down one of his best albums. "Transcendance" lays bare his musical loves and influences which have run through the course of his life. The album is composed of nine unedited pieces intrepreted with brio by a sextet of musicians with the complete authenticity of live performance while maintaining the warmth and intimacy of the studio.

New Album Transcendance
Release date: 2018 October 19



It opens on the eponymous title "Transcendance", a furious Afrobeat in which Ray Lema renders a vibrant and joyful homage to his much admired friend, Fela Anikulapo.

With Ray Lema at the piano, Michale Alibo on bass, and Nicolar Viccaro on drums, "Zoukissa" transports us with its breathtaking Afro-Caribbean rhythms.

Signaling a return to his native country with the third title "Congo Rhapsody", a musical fresco with a heady and nostalgic melody on piano, along with Irving Acao on tenor sax, and Sylvain Gontard on trumpet, the piece is polyrythmic and trance-like. One almost hears the murmuring of the impetuous Congo river.

"Kivu's Blues" takes us to the eastern part of the country, once called the Switzerland of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The countryside, once so green, has been stained with blood from the war for minerals which has raged for a dozen years and left behind so many victims.

"Anouk", a magnificent jazz ballad, is another homage to a close friend who has followed him for years and written a number of his lyrics. She also wrote the lyrics for two songs on the album, "Sin", a passionate love song with a rock beat, and "Le bout du chemin" (The End of the Road), using the piano and the acoustic guitar to plead the case of the migrants. "3ième Bureau" is a Lema rumba which gives a nod of the head to Kinois (the people from Kinshasa – DRC capital city) and to prejudices towards women.

Closing out the album, "Chimères" takes us on a light hearted reverie in the heart of the equatorial forest on the pygmy flutes of Fredy Massamba, as well as the transverse and piccolo flutes of Jocelyn Mienniel, discretely supported on bass by Michel Alibo and on piano by Ray Lema.




Ray Lema Transcendance
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