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Ana Carla Maza

Ana Carla Maza

Ana Carla Maza

Origin : Cuba
Territory : worlwide

Ana Carla Maza shares her lightning enthusiasm for life with her music that combines various electronic beats and latin rhythms, organic sonorities (her cello…) and her warm voice.

debut EP on fall 2018



Ana Carla Maza, young singer, songwriter and musician presents her debut EP featuring songs she composed while an international resident student at the Centre International des Arts in Paris last year.

Teaming up with electro artist and producer Clement Bazin between musicology classes at the Sorbonne and Bazin's time off from touring worldwide with Woodkid the two weaved Ana Carla's musical instrument: the cello and her melodic vocals with Clement's carefully chosen sounds. "I was very happy to have a chance to get my hands on songs that were already finished but very bare, with very little orchestration. I enjoyed finding the right balance between the rhythmic and the bass, the right keyboards and programming. It was great to have that space to work with and a great pleasure to work with Ana Carla"

Ana Carla Maza was born in Cuba into a musical family. Her first musical experiences, somewhere between the mountains and the coast overlooking Havana, are with her mother's choir at the age of 4. With her father, the famous jazz pianist and composer Carlos Maza, she played cello for the first time at the age of 10 at the Havana Jazz Festival.

The Maza family moved to Spain in 2007 and recorded several jazz albums composed by Carlos Maza accompanied by his wife and two daughters: Ana Carla on cello and her sister, on violin. The family toured all over Europe.

While on tour in France, at the Amiens Jazz Festival Ana Carla met her musical champion French cellist Vincent Segal. Vincent and Ana Carla performed together at several festivals. His own solo career inspired her to explore other musical genres.

"Ana Carla Maza is like a tightwalker with a cello, the song of the woman who moves forward, like an emotional explorer. The day I lay down my cello is to listen to Ana Carla Maza" says Vincent Segal.

Ana Carla moved to Paris at 17 to study cello at the Paris Conservatoire along with Musicology and Interpretation at the Sorbonne and continued to tour with her father. She also began venturing out as a solo performer at prestigious jazz festivals (Jazz in Vienne, Jazz in Porquerolles et Sibiu Jazz Festival)

In 2015 she had her first experience in the pop world touring with popular French singer-songwriter Jean Louis Aubert in sold-out theatres and arenas throughout France, Switzerland and Belgium.

Inspired by her first musical experience in Paris, she began working on her own project. With the support of her Manager, she began composing songs in her native tongue as well as in French.

Quiero her debut single tells the story of the joy that comes with the first rainfall in May in Havana.

The video "Quiero" was shot on location in London with dance students at the University of Roehampton's Dance Studies Department directed by Roger Gual and chroreographed by Juliette Mello, a student at the University. On campus, Ana Carla attempts to sneak herself and her oversized cello into their rehearsal spaces, just a step away from her own familiar musical experiences...



Ana Carla Maza
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