Accueil International roster Omar Sosa & Yilian Cañizares
Omar Sosa & Yilian Cañizares

Omar Sosa & Yilian Cañizares

Omar Sosa & Yilian Cañizares

Line-up : Omar Sosa - piano, fender rhodes / Yilian Cañizares - vocal, violin / Gustavo Ovalles - percussioni
Divers : new album "Aguas " in october 2018

The master of composition and melody Omar Sosa meets the energy and creativity of Yilian Canizares.
The mix of water and fire !

Pianist Omar Sosa and violinist-vocalist Yilian Cañizares have come together to create Aguas, a very beautiful and personal album. Featuring their compatriot, percussionist Inor Sotolongo, Aguas reflects the perspectives of two generations of Cuban artists living outside their homeland, interpreting their roots and traditions in a subtle and unique fashion. Songs range from the poignant to the exuberant, and are expressive of the exceptional musical chemistry, poetic sensibilities, and originality of the artists.

The material on Aguas is an inventive and engaging mix of the artists' Afro-Cuban roots, Western classical music, and jazz. The album is dedicated to Water and especially to Oshun, the Goddess of Love and Mistress of Rivers in the Lucumí tradition, or Santaría, as it's known in Cuba – a spiritual practice important to both artists. As water is synonymous with life, and energy, and strength, and space, the music of the album is inspired by the important influences of water – its hidden powers, its infinite transmutations, its relentless creation. There is a sense, as well, for Omar and Yilian, of how water represents both separation from, and nostalgia for, the land of their birth.


"In a very subtle and personal way, pianist Omar Sosa and violinist/singer Yilian Cañizares interpret the music of their homeland Cuba, supplemented with jazz and classical music...." MUSICFRAMES (NL)

"Yilian Canizares and Omar Sosa sense each other extremely beautiful album that will please many." HEAVEN MAGAZINE (NL)

"An almost perfect soundtrack to bring some light and warmth in these wet and dark autumn months." TROPICALIDAD (BE)

"On 'Aguas' we hear a wide variety of tempi, moods and atmospheres in which craftsmanship, delicacy, elegance and subtlety are the biggest trump cards." OXFAM BRUGGE (BE)

"These two Cosmopolitans mix European, African, Cuban and Caribbean sounds with up-to-date clubsounds, natural religious spirituality with urban lounge beats." DER TAGESSPIEGEL (DE)

"Two Cubans from different musical experiences meet each other to offer eleven lyrical and spiritual songs." TONART (DE)

"The album that covers a musical range from Orixa-Calls to Milonga has its strongest moments when Canizares classic style vocals come out on top or play in dialogue with the jazzy, ostante piano figures." JAZZTHING (DE)

"The couple is rooted in spirituality which can be heard in every song thanks to a special chemistry and poetry of both artists." GOODTIMES MAGAZIN (DE)

"The whole thing makes a strong supercooled impression with pianissimi and breathtaking vocals." LATIN MAG (DE)

"A spare, elegant work that is fittingly dedicated to Oshun – the deity of sensuality and sweet waters." EVENING STANDARD (UK)

"Aguas is a hugely generous album with many moments of pure gorgeousness." LONDON JAZZ NEWS [Album Review] (UK)

"Violinist and singer Cañizares has a mesmerising stage presence and a warm rapport with Sosa who plays grand piano and keyboards with perfection and grace." LONDON JAZZ NEWS [Concert Review] (UK)

"A work of art that has Sosa's firmly-rooted Cuban style ornamented beautifully by the tender timbre of Canizares's vocals and violin." RHYTHM PASSPORT (UK)

"This opening performance (Aguas) was the highlight of the concert [...] The set carried an air of mystery and spirituality" JAZZ JOURNAL (UK)

"With Aguas, these two weave together poetic atmospheres, whose ethereal melodies are carried by a nostalgic swing." TÉLÉRAMA SORTIR (FR)

"'Aguas is one of those records that testify to a rare artistic encounter." JAZZ MAGAZINE (FR)

"It's a lyrical, sweet album,and no need to understand Spanish to capture the beauty of the stories they are expressing." A NOUS PARIS (FR)

"Eleven rippling and ethereal tracks with minimalist sometimes electronic rhythms." LA LIBERTE (CH)

"Beautiful minimalist fluidity" 24 HEURES (CH)



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